Twenty Twenty Hearing

by Rich Nelson Band

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Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Rich Nelson Band 2019


released December 25, 2019

Mastered by Rusty Milner
Copyright 2019 Dark Corner Records


all rights reserved



Rich Nelson Band Tryon, North Carolina

Rich Nelson is a rock musician originally from Detroit.

He recorded his first solo record 'Ever Since Now' in 2018 and the second album ‘Twenty Twenty Hearing’ in late 2019. You can hear it at or on iTunes, Spotify, etc. There's also some fun stuff on YouTube.

The band features Rich with Alexander Lugones on bass/vocals and Jay Wetmore on drums/vocals.
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Track Name: Set Phasers To Stun
Once more around the horn
Can’t die until you’re born
Landslides everywhere
Pass by without a care

And set your phase to stun

Take off when you hear the crack
Run like you're not coming back
That ball is out of here
Knocked it into next year

Take a chance
It’s all that you can do
Take your chance
There’s nothing left to lose
Track Name: Forever
I think I got it right
I think I know my way from here
These are the days
These are the days I know

I could look at you forever
Because there's so much to see

I think we've got it right
I think we know our way from here
These are the days
These are the days I know
Track Name: The Usual Place
If you want to have some fun
Meet me at the usual place
Your friends will all be there
Having fun in the usual ways
With the lights turned down
And the music turned way up loud
Everybody's getting crazy
With the usual crowd

You've been so damn lonely
And I've been so damn lonely
I've been so lonely I could cry
You've been so damn lonely
And I've been so damn lonely
I don't want to think about it
I just want to move beyond it

Just give me a look; it's alright
Any trick in the book, it's alright
Have some fun with me tonight
You'll find you're not the only
One feeling lost and lonely

If you want to have some fun
And forget about the boo hoo hoo
Strangers will be waiting for a chance to say
"Who are you?"
Look 'em in the eye and ask 'em
"hey what's your name?"
Soon you will be getting on
In the usual ways
Track Name: Carolina
I open my eyes to the pouring rain
But I know the skies will be blue again
I can't be like everyone else
There's only one place I really fit in

Carolina, where I belong
Carolina, I'm coming home

I want to wake up when the birds start to sing
And rock on the porch in the rusty old swing
And I'll hear you just starting to wake
You'll look at me with that smile on your face
Track Name: You'll Be Coming With Me
You wanted a shot
And that’s what you got
But they don’t come around no more
You’re wasting your time
Drinking your wine
So hear me out

Because all of your crying
Won’t bring them back
But who needs ‘em anyway?

I was there when the cold winds blew
Saw the things that were done to you
I just hope when it all is through
You’ll be coming with me

So open your eyes
Is this a surprise?
I was here all along
There’s no need to wait
I think that you’re great!
So smile again

Because all your crying
Won’t bring them back
But who needs ‘em anyway?

Even if all the lies were true
I can see all the best in you
I just hope when it all is through
You’ll be coming with me
Track Name: This Time
It all lies with me now
Head out into the dawn
Luck may come my way
I'll try to make it back some day

The battle's lost but the war is won
Turn my face to the sun
Life has its tricks to play
I'll try tot make it back some day

I feel the weight
Of my mistakes
Just kiss them goodbye

Just one more chance
Forget the past
I won’t let you down
This time

All lies with you now
Come back and show me how
Once we could meet as friends
Let’s get together once again
Track Name: I Don't Mind
Everywhere you go
Everyone you know
Everything we say
And all the games we play

I don’t mind
Right on time

You get me so high
Rocket to the sky
Rattling my brain
Driving me insane

Let's go to the stars
You know they're not that far
Take me to the moon
We won’t be back too soon
Track Name: Everyone Has Lost Their Mind
All at once my mind was shutting down
All at once I felt my body hit the ground
All at once the stars were in my eyes
All at once all the world was hypnotized


Everyone has lost their mind and...
I miss yours, and I miss mine
So close your eyes
And hold on tight
It’s going to be a bumpy ride

All at once it seemed to fall apart
All at once something happened to our hearts
Track Name: Blue Monte Carlo
Blue Monte Carlo, where did our time go?
I still recall
Your perfect interior, paint job superior
V8 of course
Parked in the driveway; waiting, patient
Blue Monte Carlo, my true amigo
I hope you know

I would get you back if I knew how
I could not know then what I know now

Blue Monte Carlo, summers went so slow
You had my back
My solid companion, a steel D'Artagnan
And she made three
Hoping the cops were just cruising elsewhere
Blue Monte Carlo, the world's a casino
I hope you know

Blue Monte Carlo, where did the time go?
A brand new world
Of life as a grown up, the good and the bad luck
So much to know
They warned me things could get ugly quickly
My roller coaster, you're probably a toaster
I hope you know
Track Name: Another UFO
Oh no
Another UFO
Come from God knows where
And circling our world
Are you friend or foe?

It seemed so
Now we know

Oh yes
What got us in this mess?
One more crazy dream
Comes crashing back to earth
Just like all the rest
Track Name: Maybe We'll Get It Right Tonight
It’s been so long
You've turned around
I’ve been waiting for this

And now it’s fine
To see you smile
I’ve been waiting

For you to come back

Give it a little time
Wonder what we might find
Maybe we’ll get it right tonight

Through all the storms
Our love transforms
I’ve been waiting for this

So jump for joy
And make some noise
I’ve been waiting
Track Name: Cast From Paradise
People, what have we done?
Mother, look at your son

Cast from Paradise
This tiny blue pearl
Can we destroy
Such a world?

Maybe there is a chance
We’ll wake up from this trance

How could we let it go?
We know all we need to know
Maybe its not too late
To take better care of this place
Track Name: Keep It On The Rails
Keep it on the rails

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